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    Medella Natura Healing Spa in Woodbridge, ON is a holistic spa that provides services to improve your quality of life.
    From massages to aromatherapy, we help you to better your health and well-being through practiced therapy. We also provide esthetician services, including lip enhancement and eyelash services.
    Come to our holistic spa when you need to rejuvenate, and we will help you to find inner and outer beauty and relaxation.
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Our Services

Thai massage
Massage Therapy

A soothing massage can be just what you need after a difficult day. Don’t let the stress get to you. Our massage therapy will ease you into relaxation and revitalize your body.


Using essential oils, aromatherapy can stimulate health and well-being. We can help you to manage pain and anxiety, and reduce your overall stress to improve your overall living.


Water can be a natural cure to the woes of the modern world. Application of professional hydrotherapy can relieve pain and soothe the senses, allowing you to revive your energy and face the rest of your day.

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Natural Healing

At Medella Natura Healing Spa in Woodbridge, ON, we believe in natural healing to revitalize our customers. Whichever therapeutic service is right for you and your condition, mental or physical, we will help you to find it. Let the stress wash away at Medella Natura Healing Spa!

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